Our World Records


Guinness World Record #01

Berlin, Germany.

November 1997

The Biggest Spherical Bubble

2.3m (7.54f) in circumference.


Guinness World Record #02

Seattle, Washington.

August 11, 1997

The World’s Largest Bubble Wall

of 156f (47.54m in length) with a

surface area of over 4000sqf 371.59sqm


Guinness World Record #03

Hollywood, California U.S.A.

May 5, 1999

The Most Bubbles Inside Bubbles

9 concentric bubbles inside of each other.


Guinness World Record #04

Paris, France.

Guinness Prime Time TV

March 29, 2000

The New Record for the Most Bubbles Inside Bubbles

11 concentric bubbles inside each other.


Guinness World Record #05

Wavrin, France.

April 1, 2000

“Passage Into a Bubble Hemisphere”.

Fan Yang created one of the most incredible world record. His daughter slid into a bubble hemisphere going through the bubble film without bursting it.


Guinness World Record #06

Helsinki, Finland.

October 20, 2001

Breaking Own Record Most Soap-Bubble Domes

Fan Yang set the world record for most soap-bubble domes created inside one another. He managed a total of 12 domes at the studios of Guinness World Records.


Guinness World Record #07

Stockholm, Sweden.

November 27, 2001

Interlink Nine Soap Bubbles to Make One Long Chain in Mid Air

Record was set at the Guinness Record TV Studio.


Guinness World Record #08

Santa Ana, California.

April 7, 2004

The Most People Inside a Bubble. (8)

Fan Yang enclosed 8 people inside a single soap bubble.


Guinness World Record #09

New York City, New York.

March 18, 2005

Most People Inside a Single Soap Bubble. (18)

Toys R Us Time Square Fan Yang set the world record for the most people inside a bubble by enclosing 18 people in a single soap bubble.


Guinness World Record #10

USA Santa Ana, California

Discovery Science Center April 12, 2006.

“Mega Bubble Cage”

Fan Yang set a record by encapsulating 15 pairs of people in their own bubble cubicles for 5 seconds and linking them together to create a “Mega Bubble Cage”


Guinness World Record #11

Madrid, Spain

May 25, 2006

Most People Inside a Single Soap Bubble (22)

Fan Yang broke a New Guinness World Record by Encapsulating 22 people inside a single soap bubble at Guinness World Record Television


Guinness World Record #12

Paris, France

October 10, 2006

Most People Inside a Single Soap Bubble (24)

TV Special “La Nuit Des Records” Guinness World Record for The Most People in a Soap Bubble at 24.


Guinness World Record #13

New York City, New York

June 19, 2007

The Most Bubble Chambers (TMBC)

Featuring 13 chambers encapsulating 34 people. Each chamber has an island that can hold two people; at the center of this spectacular bubble complex is a massive island that can hold 10 people.


Guinness World Record #14

New York City, New York

The Most People Inside a Bubble (42)

Lucky number 14 was broken with Regis & Kelly when Fan Yang encapsulated 42 people in one bubble.


Guinness World Record #15

Chicago, Illinois

January 30, 2008

The Largest Bubble Chamber with 100 People in a Bubble

Live on Oprah Winfrey Show


Guinness World Record #16

Perris, CA

April 8, 2008

Encasing the Largest Land Mammal in a Bubble (TMBC)

He used Tai, a 39-year-old female elephant. The beautiful mammal weighs in at over 8,800 lbs (3992 kg) and over 8.5 feet (2.6m) tall.


Guinness World Record #17

Beijing, China

November 17, 2009

Longest Soap Bubble Wall

The longest soap bubble wall measured 50.90 m (166 ft 11 in) long and was created by Fan Yang (Canada) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China. Fan Yang lifted the frame together with his family by hand.

Guinness World Record #18

Vancouver, Canada

September 19, 2012

181 People in a Bubble

Fan Yang and his family put 181 people in a bubble for his 18th Guinness World Record at Science World in Vancouver, Canada.